Store Policy


Your information is secure! We use the most up to date security technologies to create a secured connection for all transactions. Also...we never store credit card information in our computers so even if someone could get into our computers they would find nothing!

We do not share ANY personal information that we receive on our website, your email address, mailing address and all other information are kept private!



Please contact us for a quote! We do offer bulk pricing on orders when you purchase 12 or more of the same item. Please note that there is an upsize charge for sizes 2XL & larger. To get an accurate quote price, we will need the size/color/quantity breakdown & shipping information.

For us to proceed with placing the bulk order, we will send you an invoice to review & approve. Once that is approved we have to have the full payment amount before we can ship the order.



Credit / Debit Cards

Offline Payments